April 13, 2012

REVIEW : Clintia Clarifying Spot Gel! One of The Greatest Acne Gel ;)

Hi There!
its 13 April, 4.45 PM

Its been a long time not post something new to my blog..
Hehe.. sorry for being MIA.. Im so busy lately.. Having assignments, in the midterm exam weeks, and start my online shopping..
Anyway, I still doesnt know about the blogging contest result
because the winner will be announce at 19 April.. :( I've seen lots of good post about the contest, so I dont think I could win this.. But.. yeah, I still hoping.. Nothing to lose, thou.. :)

Anyway.. Now, I'll try to make a review..
You know, some of girls in the world have acne problem.. Not every girls born lucky, with super healthy skin.. No breakout, no acne, no redspot.. White & shiny & flawless.. :(
If we get the bad luck, having unhealthy skin and all the problem that follow, Its very difficult to find the cure.

This is a story about my acne problem 3 years ago & my secret product to achieve my look now, which is, total free from acne! Yippiy!
(okay, I still have some acne grow, but they're always dissapear in few days using this product! ^^)

Anyway, in 2006-2007, my skin is in fair condition. I mean, I dont always have acne.. They just come in 1 or 2 and they will easily dissapear in just a few days. I just having a problem with my big pores. In 2008-2009, I start to interest in makeup.. So I try this powder, try that powder, try this blush, try that blush... and then the nightmare begin. My face starting to have some acnes. But, in that time, I really believe that my acnes can easily gone.. So I dont care. I keep using the makeup product. I start my college life in 09, and I wore make up everyday to college. I also try to buy another makeup stuff that not match with my skin and that just make it worst than ever.  My boyfriend keep telling me to stop using makeup & cure my acnes. My male friends also keep telling me to stop using makeup and wait till my skin recover. (Dont ask about the girlfriends, they just never say anything to stop my stupidity =_=") So I stop using makeup, and start finding my acne medicine. I try and try lots of product, but they cant recover my acnes.. They're more powerfull than any medicine I try. I try from the cheapest product till the more expensive one. I even go to doctor. But none of them works.

Obviously, trying to find the acne healing product that can heal our skin is just as hard as finding the make up that match with our skin too. =_=. During that time, all my photos are photoshopped. I love camwhoring, but obviously I cant share such a horrible pic of me & acnes rite? so I photoshopped. This is some of my real photos, with horible skin & no photoshopped.. Be ready for the ugly face of me.. Hope you guys dont throw up.. >,<

Here is the before pic. The Worst Moment.

1. In Korea. 2010 Tour.. 2. How I try to hide my acnes with makeup (In this case,I mean, powder..) It doesnt work, obviosly.


3. Yeah, Its Horrible.. =_= 4. The Worst Acnes Day EVER.


See that? Its very.. Unhealthy.. 2 last pic is with bare face because I dont put any powder to hide it so you can see how bad is that. 2 first one is I try to hide it with makeup.

Anyway, the moment that change my life is, when I went holiday with my family, tour to Korea & Japan. You guys know, Korea is the country that always concern with skin & look. They have lots of skin care & makeup line. So when Im in the tour, the guide take us to one of cosmeticshop. They sale all brand in one place.. They have Etude, Face Shop,etc.
But I dont know where it is & what the store name.. ~_~!

Anyway, when we're inside, the shopkeepers demonstrate us some of their newest product.
After the demonstrations over, the shopkeepers ask us what kind of product we want to buy. Then, my mom & I ask him (yes, the shopkeeper is male) what product that can recover my acnes skin. Okay, we dont ask, coz dont know how to say it in korean.. We using body language : point to my acne faces. He take a look at my face in detail. Then, he grab this product, give it to me, give me some "like finger" (you know, using your thumb), dont say anything, and go serve another customer. Me & my mother just give him a blank look. So surprise on how fast he gone. Just like that. No explanation of the product at all. =_=" But we decided to buy it, to give it a try anyway.. Who knows we might get lucky? :) I dont used the product when we're on that tour, because I decide to try it when we back to home.

Then, after several months using this product, Im so surprise of how great this product was! The first of all, they can cure my acne if I use it in just a several days.. My acnes keep showing up, but they also keep vanish one by one. Pop! and gone. Pop! and gone. Pop! and gone. Until the day that they slowly rarely comes up to my face. Just one or two in some few bad days.
The second step, I know my red spot (you know, after acnes gone, they usually leave a red scar in ur skin? Yes, yes,thats what I mean!) aren't easily gone.. This product help clean my red spot in my right cheek, but the red spot in my left cheek is hardly gone. But I found out that when I mix this product with Hazeline snow before I sleep, they can remove all the redspot!
The third, I feel that this product help improve my skin. I feel the skin much healthier. Okay, maybe my skin still not that flawless, but obviously more better than before! :)

Here is some pic of 2011, when my skins are healthier & happier.. :D




I even can start to make up again now! Makeup help me to achieve this flawless look.



So, what is this great product I've been talking about all the time??
Its Clintia Clarifying Spot Treatment Gel, produce by Niobe Cosmetics.
I cant believe no one ever review about this product!
Its kind of one of the best seller product in Korea!

Clintia (Price : arround $20-21)

The first one I have is the white one..
Its gel type.. The tube packaging makes us easily adjust the amount of gel we want to use..
And its really great! When I almost run out the product, I only use a little tiny gel everytime and just tuck it to my acne..
Just a small amount & thats it. The acne gone.

When the white one almost run out, I desperately searching for this product in Internet..
No one sell it.. Oke, their website ( www.niobe.co.kr ) sale this, but, I cant imagine how much the shipment cost..
It must be very expensive.. :( But I find information that the green one is their newest product now.. Finally, I found a friend that will go to Korea on February, so I ask her to bring this...
When I ask my friend to go buy the new one for me in Korea, my friend can only find the green one.. :'( But still told her to buy, coz I think the green one will works amazing too..

After I try.. I kinda dissapointed, because I think the white one suits me better.. The green one also work healing my acnes, but the progress is more slower than the white one.
When Im using the white one in fresh new acnes, it only took 1 day to heal it and 2 days to make it gone. The green one work slower.. Need +/- 1 week to heal acnes.. :(
But it still working..so, I will not complain much.. I promise myself someday will go to korea again and buy lots of Clintia in the white one.. Or their other products... So just need to be patient with this green tube one..  T3T

Better view on the detail

This is the amount of the gel I used everytime.. Just a little bit of this and tuck it in where
my acne is..


Clintia; my skin bestfriend ;p


So for who ever doesnt seems to find their soulmate to destroy acnes, why dont
give this product a try? I only found a few review about this product, so I know they're not
popular outside Korea.. And it might have a difficult time to find this product.. (I pretty sure Ebay sell this.. :) ) But... well.. no preasure.. try it or not try it.. :)

Anyway, this is some RECENT real pic of how my skin looks now..
Its really new pic, no makeup, just apply moisturizer only...
Feel free to compare with the previous pic of my horrible face.. >,<


Overall :
Clintia Clarifying Spot Treatment Gel (White) : ★★★★
(Left one star because Its hard to find)
Clintia Clarifying Spot Treatment Gel (Green) : ★★★
(Left 2 star because Its not working like the white one)

Thats all.. Thanks for reading..
Its my first time to make review, so maybe its not good enough.. ;)

PS : Sorry for my messy english.. I know my Grammar is suck..
Hope you guys still know what I mean.. v(-^.^-)v


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