March 23, 2012

Cigarettes Industries & My Country - Say YES to Smoke Free! *Seriously, smoking is NOT COOL!*

23 March 2012
8.23 PM

Hello there..!
Its almost weekend & time to updating my blog! ;)
Anyway,sorry guys I'll write some serious issue here...
But keep reading, so you might want to spread the word too..
This writing is inspired by my friend blog, Olivia

Its about Cigarettes in my country..
Im living in Indonesia, in the capital city, Jakarta.
In here, people smoking just like breathing, and eating.
Its almost NORMAL now, since seeing teenager smoking,
girls smoking are common now..
Okay, we still talking about, why he smoke, why she smoke,
why the childrens smoking, etc2 and we still feel a bit forbidden
to smoke. But, seriously, just a few people left who arent smoking..
Who feel its not good for health.
Who thinking its forbidden to smoke.
(Thank God, I hate smoke & never tempted to try =_=)

Imagine this. Toddler in my country are smoking now!
With their parents watching. Neighbours laughing.
Like he was doing something great, a show.

And after I watching the video, which I'll post later,
I just realize what causes this phenomenon occurs.
I living in my own country but didnt realize it at all!!
Billboard & advertising about cigarettes in my country is EVERYWHERE.
In the street.
In television.
In school event.
In concert.
In a show.
In around the corner of the street.

Since in my country theres a law that you shouldn't put cigarettes
advertising with a picture of people smoking, they find another way to promoted.
They using tagline, they create a branding in peoples mind that smoking is..





Just admit it, people thinking smoke are cool is because
when they watch a movie and seeing a character of
handsome-badboy smoking and they act its so cool to smoke.
Think about Malboro Man, a cowboy, looks so cool, so manly.


And now they campaign is to reach YOUNG PEOPLE
in my country, to make them addicted to it, so they can make
lots and lots and lots of money... *start to angry*

You all can see it in the video right here...
Its a long video, about 43 minutes, but Its very interesting to see..
You wont wasted your time to see it.

Dont worry, Its in English, with Indonesia Subtitle.
Its gonna be hard to stop smoking, I know..
When you start to addicted, you just cant stop it, cant help it.
But you cant see how that negative will affect you, until someday,
you get sick, and everything is TOO LATE.

In New York itself, the country "where the flavour is", just a few people smoking now..
The Non Smoking campaign are work there! Its unbelieavable.
People who are smoking there, FEEL ASHAME.
Well, okay, that require the government, the law, & the awareness of the society itself.
But we can do the same too..
I know my country government will have a long long way progress to
this campaign, but I hope the society can be aware by this issue.
There's still a lot of thing I want to talk about, but I think, its going to be my
own opinion, and I would like to keep it to think for myself..
You guys can enjoy having your own opinion after looking at the video.

Maybe, just maybe, there's people that actually stop smoking after seen this. :)

Thanks for reading...
PS: So happy got some followers & comments lately.. ^^
PPS: Sorry for my lame english, but I wish you guys can understand it..



  1. Yes I hope people can stop smoking! And Indonesia can be FREE from the modern colonization :) #LiveItUpWithoutLightingUp

  2. Qren ju blognya :) keep up the good work say..:) ╭( '̀⌣'́ )งː̖́ J I A Y O!! Waiting 4 ur next blog!:)