May 28, 2012

Just For Fun

Anyway, do you guys know that Stefanus is actually.... a korean actor / model?

What?  You dont believe me do you??

Okay, Fine.
Here's the prove..


Stefanus A.K.A Lee Gwang Soo, member of famous reality show in Korea, Running Man.

No lar, actually, he just really look a like.. Even the nose shape, the mouth and the face shape are same!! They both also really tall and skinny. The difference is, I think, Gwang Soo is taller in real life. LOL.


Lee Gwang Soo

I combine their picture because when I say to Stefanus that he has a twin, he doesnt believe me, even after I insist. LOL. So I made it. As a joke of course. :)

What do you think, Running Man fans? LOLOL.


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