June 18, 2012

Random Thought

18 June 2012
12.21 Am

Hello guys!! (*wtf, when will I stop pretend that there somebody read my blog? LOL)
anyway.. there aren't any specific topic I want to blog about.. So, today I will randomly 
blogging about some thing I think about lately..

1. How my life recently.
Well, Im in the middle of my final exam to end this semester 6.. Just 2 exam away before holiday...!! YAY ME!! Hope I can blogging more soon... ^^ anyway, after this semester, things will get harder in the next semester.. Because It almost the end of my college life. Everything will get harder than ever.

I will tell you guys something..

I supposely looking for internship.. But I end up just give one CV, to Metro TV, the number one news channel in my country. Its also because my friend, Olivia ask me and Loudia to apply together.. She have connection to get in there, coz her dad knows the inside person. Anyway, I know I shouldnt put only one application. I should looking for another company for internship. But I dont do it. Why? I dont know.. maybe because Im f*cking lazy, or I just not ready yet. Although I promise myself to get internship before semester 7. So now, actually Olivia manage to get me in too.. 

But, they start working at 16 July, which I can't because Im going to Medan, North Sumatra, my hometown. My cousin will get married, and she always ask me to attend it. So now Im confuse whether I go for the Internship or just simply let it go and back to Medan. 

In one side, I already promise my cousin to go, bought ticket already, plus, I really looking forward to go back to my hometown. My father also support me to just go back to hometown, coz for him, family is number one. I havent back to hometown for nearly 5 years now. I also really miss my family there. I want to meet them!! So the point is, I WANT TO GO TO MY HOMETOWN. 

But, in other side, THIS is internship. This is IMPORTANT for my future. This is METRO TV. Also, I got in so easily. Also, I only need 1 month of internship, when other people got 2 month or 3 month. A lot of my friends tell me that Im stupid, of course choose Metro la!! Whats wrong with youuuuuuuuuuuu?! they said. T__________T I know.  If I let this one out, I only can apply after I finish semester 7, which is means, I will working on my internship report and thesis on semester 8. That will be SUPER HARD. =_= I know after read this people who said, "You already know its hard, so what are you waiting for? Go grab that opportunity! Dont be stupid!!" and hit my head once to make me wake up to reality. 

But, really, when my friend told me the date and I know I need to decide, I already choose to comeback to hometown. Maybe lots of people don't understand and will think how stupid I am and how selfish I am, choosing "pleasure" over your future. But... I already swear to myself when the first time my cousin ask me to attend her wedding. I promise to myself, whatever the situation is, I will attend her wedding. I don't care even If Im in the middle of exam! (kidding la, of course if in the middle of exam, I can't attend.) So basically I already made up my mind.

So whats about my internship then? Well, I willing to take harder road to achieve it. Although, I already tried to negociate the starting date with the HRD of the company, but, I know la, she will think "shame on you, already got the opportunity to join my company but still trying to barter the starting date. Im busy you know! If can't join, then don't need to take the job la, so many people line up for this internship, ya know?!" But the HRD still nicely answering my phone and said that she need to look up their data and they will let me know later. Its okay, I already made up my mind. If she not let me change the date, then I will looking for internship in semester 7. 

I believe people have their own way in life. I shouldn't force it though. Im sure, the time will come to me for every phase in my life. Even if I will take a longer road or shorter road, I believe life have their own guide for me to make me get in wherever I need to be. So.. I'll take this way gratefully, and will do everything without complaining. :) FIGHT! ^^

2. I want to tell you guys about some of my favorite blogger!! I always open their blog everyday, waiting them to put their new post! I love how they write down something, sometimes useless but turn to be interesting post! I love how they manage to reach such a good life through blogging.. I love how they speak their mind, manage to show who they really are through their writing.. I still learn on my writing. They definitely my idol, my icon through blogging life.. ^^ So, here they are :

1. Cheesie *click to go to her website*


Cheesie is a malaysian blogger. Her blog is mostly about her daily life, daily thought, daily outfit, etc. She's definitely one of the most influential blogger to myself. She managed to tell some event to be interesting post to read. And she makes me jealous of her life!! Look out of her blog, she can be what she want to be, do what she want to do, etc. I especially jealous when she can back and forth to Japan! And her style.. I really like her style... She made me fall in love to "MODE" too, and makes me love everything she love.. Hahaha.. Such a true Idol rite? Gedit? She can INFLUENCE people too! :) Maybe people think, what do you admire of her? I've seen nothing special about her.. Well, I admire how her blog can make me read and read again even after I already read about it. I admire how she can stick to something she really like and then made a progress from what she really love so she can have all the opportunity and work from that. She made me believe that from something we love, we can work it to made us someone. I hope I can find a way to do what I like, just like her. :)

Oh, what Im kidding, she made me fall in love with Japan again and I admire her style! LOLOL.

2. Audrey / fourfeetnine *click to go to her website*


Audrey also a malaysian blogger, she and Cheesie are bestfriend. What I love about her is... She's so damn funny! Reading her blog can really made up my day.. I now infected with how she always said "wtf" =_=. She also made me admire her in some way.. One of them is,... how she looks. LOL. She looks so petite, slim, and cute! T_T. I only got the short but no slim no cute. :( I also found her life interesting and she also have some way to write her life that shown who she really are. I also follow her formspring, coz she quite active there, and saw how she answer people question, thats makes me admire her personality! :)

3. XiaXue *click to go to her website*


Xiaxue is singaporean blogger. Her blog is so famous! You can go and read by yourself. I think almost blogger in the world knows her. ALMOST. Okay? LOL. I said that because maybe some of blogger from Indonesia doesn't really know bout her, but I believe theres lot of people know her. She's so fenomenal. You need to read her blog to really know what I mean by fenomenal. I admire her because she always brave to speak her mind, to let out what her opinion even for important or taboo topics. She always makes people pro and con when read her blog. LOL. Lots of people afraid to speak their mind and just go with what most people think. But she isn't. She also keeping real. I mean, she always try to tell the truth about her life. Something that I still trying to do. To be honest.

So I actually wants to blog more, but it turns out to be quite long, so I think I'll stop here.
Will continue to make another post soon!!

Thanks for visiting my blog. Do leave a comment in post, dont leave it at the chat box okay?
Hehehe, I can't visit you guys back if you just leave it at the chat box.

Here some camwhore pic of me, in case you guys forget how I look like because I posting lots pic of gorgeous girl here. LOL.




  1. i always read ur blog blaii..hahahaha
    nice thought..!
    and appreciate with the decission ur made up..:) no matter what, the decission is up to u, hell yeah with other's thought, cuz u live ur life alone so u can choose which way that u think the best :))

    ps: dnt forget the 'oleh-oleh' LOL

    keep bloggin darl..:))

  2. hehehee.. thanks laii uda mampir2 ke blog gwe... :*
    iyaahh.. sebenarnya chat ama u waktu itu uda jadi masukan yang gede banget buat gw.. gw bener2 mikir tolol banget klo lepasin metro.. ahahahah..
    tpi yah.. gw memutuskan "follow your heart, not your logic" LOL. Thanks lai for ur support..
    pastii laii klo oleh2 mah.. hihihihi..