January 15, 2013

Little Update of My Life

15 Jan 2013
1.09 AM

Hellooo my dearest blog...

I dont touch you almost a month :l
Again, being naughty and lazy, not updating my own blog =_=a

What can I do? Its my holiday and I just want to spend days lazying in the couch watching TV.. :s

So, before I write a little update of my life, may I said a few congratulation words to.....

My own blog, Roundnoir,
is now 1 YEARS OLD.

1 years old already.



and my blog hasn't been famous. LOL.

But its quite achievement to myself, that I be able to.. well, keep writing in this one year (even I have lots of absent and not update it too often :s) LOL.. and its already have 915view of traffic in this blog, its quite good rite? :p

At least, there's people out there reading my blog.. LOL.

So, Happy Birthday Roundnoir.. 
I hope that I'll be able to be consistent updating you in the future. I will try...
I hope you will go big and famous one day.. LOL.

Next is, I want to say to all people who accidentally reading my blog right now, a....



YIPPII~~~!!! ;p

I know its late. LOL.

to make you feel better guys, here is a vain pic of me with christmas and new year decoration..

Made by myself.. ;p



What? I look good on the pic, so thats why I share it to you guys.. LOL.

Anyway, in December, there's a lot of birthdays coming... 4 of my friends are actually having their
birthday on December.

I don't know who to blame,

me, for choosing friends that all born in December with Sagitarius sign,
or them, for choosing to born in December together and be friends with me.

LOL, just a joke ;p

So first, on 12 December, we have Loudia & Christine Birthday!
Here's a sneak peak photos of their birthday celebration :D


This is Loudia's Birthday cupcake that me & Olivia bought for her..
Too bad when we giving it to her, its quite broken... T_T but I hope she felt that we
really trying to make her happy on her birthday... ^^


Happy Birthday Loudia!!
L-R : Olivia-Loudia-Me


Here is the food she treat us.. Pasta from Nanny's Pavilion.. Quite yummy, but the bacon is too few..


Next is Christine, who's born on the same date as Loudia..

Happy Birthday, girl!! <3<3 ^^
Hope we will still being BF till forever :)


Here's our selfcam pic with Susi when celebrating her birthday.. ^^
L-R : Me-Christine-Susi

Next girl is Elisye, who's having a birthday on 19th December!


Happy Birthday Elis!! ^^ <3<3
BFF, key? :D


Pic of me & Elisye, having fun selfcam-ing on her birthday.. LOL.
I really satisfied with her treats, because when I go eat with her, we always end up
almost died because of satiety (FULLness).

No, we never holding back when we eat. LOL.

What's left now?

O yeah,

I'll showing off my newest pic to you guys, LOL, to whoever who hasn't seen my pic on
Instagram (follow me : mslizliz or lizakina).


I still amaze with the power of camera 360 & Iphone.
It can make me look good in every single way..

Whether when Im eating..


Or plain face without make-up...


It still manage to take a great pic of my face. LOL

(sounds so narcistic, but who cares? Its my own blog. ;p)

So, camera 360 manage to take a great picture when Im not in a good condition..
How is the result when I actually having a makeup on??


Its even more AWESOME!!! :D

I can't stop camwhore with this application, please!!

Why would I if it can make me look like this :




In one single shoot, without any needs to edit the photos again...!

HOORAAAYY Camera 360! ;p

Okay la, enough with my pic.. Here's some random picture to end today post :)


Yummy Chocolate Cake I recently discover.. So yumyum.. I want to eat it again soon! :D


Ofcourse, my favorite piece of chocolate. Ferero Rondnoir.
Still feels in heaven everytime I take a bite.

Love you, Rond! :D


and last but not least, some pic with David.. ^^

Till next post!


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