August 20, 2013



FINALLY, after 3 hours searching and editing new layout for my blog..

Whatcha think guys??

Its so different from before rite? LOL.

PS. PLEASE open it with web browser if you want to see my new layout.
If open with mobile browser it will totally different layout
because I can't change my mobile layout T_T hiks. T_T 

In mobile browser, its gonna be rilakkuma layout blog. LOL 
I made myself that too. But the problem is I dunno how to erase it. LOL.

So this layout is more girly and cute than before. Hahahaha coz Im in a lively, pinky, happy mood!
In short word, I feel CUTE. LOL.

Im actually kinda a bored person, so I will occasionally change my blogskins then and now..
But I only can edit the blog skins code from , and I can't made my own blog skins.

If I know how to make surely every 2 months Im gonna change my skins LOL.

I put chat box again here because people seems so lazy to drop me some comment
even after they read my blog. Hiks...
And I found that before if there's a chat box, people will leave some chat there, so,
I decide to put it again.

It makes me happy to find that people come and visit my blog, even that I have a crappy post that is so unimportante. LOL.

Okay, I will stop now, because I got to sleep its 1.29 AM already ARGH T_T

Gonna post again later. :)

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