August 24, 2013

In the mood for Blogging

Im in the mood for blogging but I dont have any material to post! LOL

So it will be very very random.

I browse to my collection of picture and see what I can share here in my blog...

1. It's my first ever self purchase makeup/jewelry box!!!
I got to buy this because its on super mega sale! Down from around IDR Rp. 700.000,- or Rp 800,000,- to around Rp. 250.000,-. It's branded too! I super love it since its so big, the compartement are big also, and since it open by sliding up, its easier to took any stuff! But I haven't really use this makeup box because I want to use it if I already have my own room. (which is maybe must wait till I married, T_T) so, it just stood there in the corner of my bedroom. BUT! A girl must have their own makeup/jewelry box rite? so its a good deal! xp

2. I bought two eyeliner from Maybelline, which is white and black.
The black gel eyeliner one is SUPER LOVE! I love it to the bits! okay, there's some cons in the black eyeliner which is easily smudged after 2-3hours wears, but its okay, I still love it.
In other two picture, as you can see, is my first trial on wearing the white eyeliner.
I thought at first that it wasn't that bad.
But then again, after taking pic WITHOUT Camera360.........

LOLOL!! I look like, I dunno, so weird, its like I have a tip-ex in my eyes? LOL.
Maybe its because my makeup skill is still so low quality, so.. I'll try again next time when I learn how to use it. Anyway, I bought it because I heard that white eyeliner down the eye could make my eyes bigger. LOL.

3. Obsessing over my blue softlens which is very very noticable. LOVE IT. but apparantly my eyes now
are so weak, it always getting red and hurt everytime I wear any softlenses T_T my eyes usually very strong and compatible with almost softlens, but now its not. I dunno whats the problem. Maybe because I wear expired eyedrops? or the softlens expired? or its just because my eyes can't stand softlens anymore? T__T
Anyway, my eyesight is getting horrible day by day. Im afraid that my eyesight minus might reach -8.00 T_T
I definitely going for Lasik next year. I dont want to be blind T_T.

4. Since I mostly doesn't have any job to do at my office, I usually camwhoring.. or selca till I sick seeing my own face (which is never happen. LOL ;p) See? I even selca when Im sleeping.


5. The other job I do in office other than sleep, selca, and eating is made a comic from Line Stickers.
And post it on path. LOL. This is Cony Version on Getting Ready for Work, which is pretty much like what I did everyday. LOL.

6. I went to New Look someday (around June or July, when there's Jakarta Great Sale Festival) and found this two adorable shoes in my size on SALE! Its really very very cheaps! I cannot resist T_T

The creepers one went from IDR Rp.499.000,- to IDR 149.000,- Im like WTF takemymoney!! I've been wanting for a creeper for a LONG LONG TIME but its all expensive!! Then I also fell in love with that Bow Highheels which is the only size left is my size and it fits perfectly in my feet. *FML* Im so confuse on choosing between this two type of shoes........ and finally I get the creepers one because I really want it for the longest time and I think I might be found something like that Bow High heel in the future... Maybe with slighty expensive prize, but I can't never ever found a creeper shoes with that kind of price! as to add another point, this creeper is also a bit tall which is I really love! Add more height to my body. LOL.

So, enough for today post, sorry for the random content, I'll prepare a better post next time.

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