February 17, 2012

Lisa goes blonde! :p

Hi There! :D
It's 17 Feb 12, 4.58PM now.

I coloured my hair...!

Yippieeeyy!!~(¯▿ ¯~) ~(¯ ▿ ¯)~ (~¯ ▿¯)~

Well.. I never colour my hair before.. It's always been black.
I always think black hair looked better than other colour..
I also afraid that if I colouring it, it might not suit me well... >,<~

But, this time I really craving for new look for myself.. so I decided to colouring it..

At first, I want to try colour it by myself, using Palty Hair Colour.
Because Im afraid if I go to saloon to colouring it, after spend lots of money, the colour doesnt
show up..  =_="
But after consulting with my friend, Elis, she recommend me to go colouring at her saloon..
She said its very cheap, only spend Idr 180.000,- to colouring her hair to red.
And I thought, if I buy Palty, its also cost Idr 175.000,- in OL shop. So, I decide to go to saloon she recommend on, beside, Elis come and accompany me too..

The saloon located in Citra 2. I forgot the name of the saloon. =_="


Here you can see how black my hair is.
This photo I take on CNY day. (*^o^*)

It takes a longgggg hour to colouring my hair. The hair dresser called my hair "a virgin hair". LOL. He colouring my hair 4 times till my head burn and itchy really bad. =_= But he do that because the colour wont show up.
On the 3 times he colouring it, the colour finally began to show up.
Thankyou God! :D
And I only spend Idr 165.000,- for colouring, cutting, & blow my hair.
Definitely gonna back to that saloon!


Here's the result after I colouring it.. The root are really light!
Hahaha.. Even I think the colour is not equally spread in my hair, but I actually love it :)


Another Photo ;p *camwhore*


The Famous Duck Face every 9gagers hate. :p



  1. tes tes... bisa comment gaa :D

  2. ahahaha..i remembered how we ate that pannacota!!feelin like dying to eat that deliciously cake..after we ate lika a bombastic fantastic crazy hunger girl..:p
    cant wait to do this again ^^

  3. hahahaha,,, yeappss me too laaii.. :*
    of course, we'll gonna do it again soon! cant wait to eat till die..