The Round-est Chocolate Ever!
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10 Sept 2012
00.04 Am

Hey guysssss~~!!
Today I wanna share with you my other passion x favorite x love other than collectiong shoes...

Yapss.... It's chocolate.

I am a Chocolate Lover....!!

Who doesn't love chocolate?? Lots of people I know love chocolate, chocolate tastes soooo damn good rite? I always order and buy everything that have chocolate flavour... (except: chocolate banana or chocolate kismis. I don't like it.)

My favorite chocolate taste is Dark Chocolate. I choose Dark Chocolate instead of Milk Chocolate because It has a little bitter taste that goes well with the sweetness.... Ummmm.... Imagine chocolate already makes me drooling.. Lol..

So, today I want to share one of my favorite chocolate.. Infact, my top favorite chocolate ever. (Of course, listed by me.)

Here we go.............
My No.1 chocolate ISSSSSSSSSSS....................!!!!

Ferero Rondnoir!



First time I tried this is when David's mom bring this from Malaysia.... Im shocked when I know that Ferero have a new variant. I try immediately.

..........and die with happiness.

It was the greatest chocolate I ever taste.

Base on my personal opinion, I love this chocolate because it's all black, full of dark chocolate.. But not just that. The crunchy outside and the smooth filling inside makes me crazy.... So good. So perfect. T_______T *want to cry*

I love Rondnoir so much, till I named my blog with name that inspired by this chocolate.  :)

Here's my review of Ferero Rondnoir :


David just bought me this new variant of Rondnoir. It has almond. But still taste heavenly.


How it looks.


How the inside looks.


*trying doing a review just like doing advertisement*

Mind my ugly face.. I just back from hanging out, so just a little makeup left.
Here I want to show how happy I am when I take this chocolate. Lol..


Getting ready to eat. LOL. :x


*oke, wait for it*


Mmmmmmmmm~~~Sooo YUMMYY!!!!! >__<


I eat a whole round of it. So, mind the crunchy chocolate that's left in the corner of my mouth... Lol..

Unfortunately, Ferero Rondnoir is still unavailable in my country, Indonesia. I already search all around supermarkets in Jakarta, but still can't find this. And I believe if it's come to Indonesia, the price will be so very expensive.

Not fair. I bought 3 pieces of Rondnoir in GuangZhou, China for only $1 or $2. T____T.

Everytime I want to eat this, must wait till go overseas or wait for someone back from overseas.... T_______T.

Okay lar... Till here.. Sorry if these post full of my uh-gleee face...
Here some better pose of my pic... LOLOL..



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