September 7, 2012

The Secret / Law of Attraction and A Little Love Story

7 Sept 2012
1.46 AM

Hello There~~!!!

Sorry for not updating my blog again... Honestly, I was being lazy... T___T But now I try to keep my own promise and will try to keep updating my blog more often. At least 4 times a month.

Okay, as I promise to myself in the previous post, I'll share my experience when it comes to The Secret or Law of Attraction. I've been know about this theory for a couple years.. But seems not to believe it and never practice it. But after reading it in XiaXue's and Cheesie's blogs, I try to practice it. I try to follow all the  rules to get what I want.. For a whole month of JULY.

And the result is...............

Lots and lots of my wishes comes true. Can you believe it?
Well, of course you can't. How can you believe when you can't see the prove?

Well, here's the prove.

You know, I ever post a wishlist here, in my blog? Click here If you want to see my wishlist post.

In that post, I write that I want Jeffrey Campbell Lita Boots, Jeffrey Campbell Spikey Lita, and Side Bow Jeans, rite? Well, I've got 2 of them!!!





Aren't they pretty??? Hahahahaa.... So Happyyyyyyyyyy~~~~~~~~~~!!
Okay lar, I'm not buying the real Jeffrey Campbell... Cannot afford the real one..
These shoes are handmade shoes, I order it from Juice String. It's so look a like and the shoes quality also very good!!


Now, about Side Bow Jeans!


This is the pic from my last post, when Im talking about wanting a Side Bow Jeans...



They're soooooo CUTE right???  XD


Some of my friends tell me, will I ever wear it outside when I have this jeans?? They doubt that I will never wore it to go out. They think I don't have courage to wear it.... They said, "If you never wore it, you should never bought it.. Such a waste of money..."

Well, they're wrong! HA!!

I wore it outside!! LOLOL...



Another experience of using The Secret is when I ask to have 4 As in my grade for last semester.. I write it down on my diary.....


You know what I've got??

5 As!!! AWESOME~!!!


The first five mark that shows on my report card is A.

Really, I have lots of happiness in JULY~!!

Another The Secret magic is.. When Im thinking about Internship, I keep telling to myself "Iwill have my nternship in Metro TV. I will have my internship in Metro TV. But I also will go to Medan. I will..."

The result is... I can go to MEDAN and I also GOT THE INTERNSHIP!!
Isn't these awesome?? :)

Well.. I can't said that you must to believe in The Secret or whatever it is. But I do believe, when you want something so much. And keep telling to yourself about that. You eventually will have it. I do believe in that from the deep of my heart.

For another example.

This is my own experience that is not related to The Secret.

It's quite long, be patient to read it, okay. LOL.

In 2008, when I'm 19 years old. I keep wonder to myself, when will I have a boyfriend. I never have boyfriend before. Total zero experience of Love Life. I got lots of dissapointed experience with some of the boys. Heart broken, get played with fictional character (will tell about that in another post in the future), etc. I've got really really tired. Till the point that I'm not really interest to keep contact or looking for boys anymore. I just shutdown myself for a while. But when Im lonely, I'm thinking about what kind of boyfriend I want.

I remember clearly, that I think of these specific details of my future boyfriend.
- Must be tall. 180cm or above.
- Doesn't need to be handsome, but must be good looking.
- Hard worker.
- Mature.
- Can deal with my parents.
- Can cook.
- Have a good family.
- Must live near my home.
- Must be loyal and patient.
- Ofcourse must love me. ;p

Then, on 2009, I get to fall in love with... Let's say Mr. X.. Mr. X is one of my closest best boy friend. He's handsome, funny, very nice person, good with girls, totally my type. LOL. And then I get to know David. I don't really like David at first, because, as you know Im in love with Mr. X. But not long after I get to know David, Mr. X have a GF. =_=.

His GF are very pretty, and sexy, and mature.

and rich.

She's like a 9-10 when I'm just.. 6-7..  :'(

Then I have a broken heart again.. That time, I remember clearly, I cried everytime I listen to Taylor Swift's song, "You Belong With Me".  Especially in these lyrics.

"You're on the phone
with your girlfriend ‒ she's upset
She's going off
about something that you said
'cause she doesn't get your humor like I do.
I'm in my room ‒ it's a typical Tuesday night.
I'm listening to the kind of music she doesn't like.
She'll never know your story like I do.

But she wears short skirts
I wear t-shirts
She's cheer captain
And I'm on the bleachers
Dreaming about the day when you wake up and find
That what you're looking for has been here the whole time.

If you could see
That I'm the one
Who understands you
Been here all along
So why can't you see
you belong with me,
You belong with me?"

LOLOL.. Okay lar, It's getting OOT.

Even when I'm heart broken, I still keep in touch with him and David. Mr. X is very very nice to me... Because Im his friend of course. But it makes me couldn't forget him and still hoping to be with him.

Typical Girls Mind, I know. Lol.

Then I'm off to Thailand for a holiday. In Thailand, in every temple I've visited, I pray to God, "Pleaseeee... Show me my mate. Pleaseeeee.. Give me a sign. Who's my mate? Mr. X or David? Give me the sign when I'm back to Indonesia, okay?? I'll count on you guysss...."

And guest what??

David contact me just after I landed in Indonesia. No news of Mr.X. I do belive thats the sign God's give to me. LOL. After that, David become my boyfriend. 

Then I just realize, he fill all my specific details of my future boyfriend that I want before! 

Really!! Isn't that awesome?? Lol.

But I kinda regret it thou.

If I know I could get a BF that I want, maybe I'll ask for more details, like, to become a girlfriend of Kellan Lutz. 

Or Chris Pine. 

Or Liam Hemsworth. 

Or Matt Lanter.

Or I just shut up my mouth. 

So why don't you try to make a wish, and belive in it, and be positive thinking?
Don't be afraid to dream, because it might comes true! :)


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