December 9, 2012


9 Dec 2012
3.38 PM

So sorry I can't update yesterday because I just realize I haven't edit any picture yet! :o
My mistake as a lazy-ass blogger.. LOL.

Anyway, today I'll tell you guys about my experience when internship at Public Relations Metro TV

Metro TV is The First Television Station News in Indonesia. It's so famous and they got good image from our comunity here in Indonesia. It's so honour to be able to have internship there. All thanks to my friend, Olivia Oktora who help me to get this internship together with her. We working in Public Relation Division, because that's where we need to learn. Im taking Communication Majors of Public Relations, so its a must to work on PR Division.

I work as Audience Service Officer there and my job desk mostly is answering phone calls from Metro TV viewer, answering and helping them to find answer of any information. Other job desk is doing clipping, finding any news about Metro TV, helping staff deliver documents and memo, or accompany staff when received visits. It was amazing experience, I be able to understand what kind of job PR really do in real life because I watch them working and I became more understand about what is PR, the DO's and the DON'Ts.

First Day in Metro TV - Arrived so early, around 8.00 AM and feel so excited.

Me & Olivia.

My ID - Thank God my BB bluring the photo, because my pass photo looks so ugly. Lol.

Working there, well, at first of course got a bit of tension. I'm so nervous and do a lot of mistake. The first week of my internship, I feel like hell, because, I want myself to be able to perform a good job at work, so when I do a mistake, Im a little bit down. To be honest, even when be able to work with my friend doesn't help. It just makes me feel more down. I don't know why, maybe because we have competitive side that one of us must be better than each other. Or, also, Olivia go to work first than me, so she understand the job desk better than me. Even though she teach me a lot, I feel that she expect me to be perfect too, so its kinda give me another preasure. +_+ That's just how I felt. But still I feel thankful she helping me to get this job and still wants to teach me about the job desk. Hahahaha.. 

Pretend to work. LOL.

Anyway, after the lame first week of my internship, I "come back" quickly. I make sure that I will not doing another mistake (such like dropping the phone like first day of my internship - so ashame =_=, sending email wrongly, etc.) I even makes a post it about what I must and not do and stick it anywhere, so I will always remember it. Watching every people in the office so I can learn how to do it, and... it helps! I minimalize my mistake. I tell myself lots of time to be calm and calm and calm. It helps me to avoid doing another mistake.

In the second weeks of my internship, we have another apprentice, which is Yohanna. We were shocked at first, because our office supposed only could take 2 apprentice -which is me and Oliv- and wondering how to split the jobs that we already divide well. :s But we also curious about what kind of person she is.

First met, we were so surprise. We think Yohanna is much more older than me (I'm 23, btw), because she looks much more mature. LOL. She's so tall too. But turn out she's just 20. =_= and thank God she is so friendly and so playful. She can connect with me and Oliv and she made us more relax in the office. LOL.

This is just some of our crazy photos we've taken.

Apprentice Girls! LOL.

Since Yohanna join in, we can say that, well, we became a little bit naughtier. ;p *power-of-three* 
Such like, when we go buy snack early in the morning, left office empty and come back being scolded by the staff. ;( LOL. But it was worth it and fun. Maybe because now there are 3 of us, we became more bravely.

We also have some fun moment with the staff. Such like when we're sneakly ordering Cake-In-A-Jar together with the staff. ;)

Giving them holiday gifts, because they celebrating Idul Fitri, etc.

Metro TV Staff with our gifts, which is the scarf. (Ms.Dewi-Olivia-Ms.Kanistri-Me-Mrs.Gita-Yohanna)

Then, came the last day of my internship. :o

Happy & Excited that this is the last day of my internship.

I've got The Best Apprentice Award, LOL. Just Kidding.
Posing with look-a-like Oscar Throphy. :)

Posing with my Boss, Mrs. Henny Puspitasari. :) 
Thanks for all the advice and your patient to us. :D

Group shot. With Mrs. Henny, Ms. Kanistri, Yohanna & Mrs. Gita.

This internship help myself to be prepare about my working life in the future. I became more ready and eager to really start working soon. :) and I hope that I could have career in Public Relations, so I can apply all my knowledge that I learn from college, text book, and internship experience in my work. :D

Anyway, I also got lots of funny experience when I was answering telephone from viewers. LOL. There's  lots of funny people in the world. Some called just because their channel move to another number. Some called not just to give us question but also wants to sharing story of their life. LOL. and when I be able to answer their question and giving the information they need, they feel really thankful.

It warm my heart. ;(
I feel like, even I just do a single little thing, which is, giving information they need, they feel that I already help them a lot. It's so touching. :)

Well, that's how I felt anyway. :D

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