December 7, 2012


7 Dec 2012
2.10 Am

Helloooooo there!!!

So sorry!! Im being MIA and abandon my blog! I miss blogging so much.. T_T
Been too busy finishing up my internship report, but now all is DONE!!

I'll catching up with lots of things to blog about, so don't worry!!

Anyhow, I couldn't speak too much today, because it's very late here now...
I just finish helping my friend creating her blog, so, I also stop by to my own blog. LOL.

But, don't worry!!
Tommorrow and the rest of the day, this blog will full of my writing..

HA! :D

So, to make this post looks less empty,
I'll post my pic for you to see..
I know you guys miss my face and craving to see my new pic rite?

Don't be shy..
Just admit it..! ;)

This photo I take using my new Iphone 4S! YEAAAAAAHHH!!
That's right everybody, I finally have Iphone!

Will tell you guys the story nextime...

So, here we go!

Isn't she pretty? LOL
I know, doesn't look like me!

I used application Camera 360.

So, who ever created Camera 360 application and put it on Iphone,

Bless You.

From all cam whoring girls around the world.

See ya next time!

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