February 28, 2013

COORDINATE (1) by : Liz

28 Feb 2013
1:56 AM

Today Im gonna share some of my 'Outfit of the Day' that I share on my Instagram..
To some of you that maybe already saw me on my Instagram, maybe you already seen it, but those
who doesn't, well, you welcome to see it here. LOL.

1. Romantic Brown

 photo IMG_1339_zps7a45e7dc.jpg

2. Yellowichi Blue (wtf, I dont even know why I end up with this title. LOL)
 photo IMG_2043_zps4eeadb3a.jpg

3. Preppy Creamosca (okay, its getting even weirder title. LOL)
 photo IMG_2875_zps4be6aec7.jpg

4. Peachy New Year (My outfit on CNY)
 photo IMG_3151_zps68ac2069.jpg

5. Queen of Studs (yeah, rite.. -_-)
 photo IMG_3258_zps913266e8.jpg

6. Black VS Pink
 photo IMG_3875_zpsad24c7a1.jpg

7. Saturday is LeoKittyDay
 photo 563448_10200507858689539_263585182_n_zpse1bfaaf7.jpg

In here actually I wear long black tanktops and black short pants.. but its kinda looks like jumpsuit, eh??

Okay la, I will stop here. Before I end up with more weirder name for my outfit. LOL.

As you can see, I start to explore more of my fashion sense.. I do like Japanese Mode Style but I also
have lots of different style I like.. So, from now on, I will try to makes more coordinate everytime I going out.

I also don't want to waste my money to buy stuff that I never use.. So I'll try to use all my stuff even maybe some of them are too weird to wear outside in Jakarta. LOL.

Wish I live in Japan, where people will never stare so weirdly to me.
Don't worry, Im too thick skin enough for them to make me feel shy. LOL.

Owyeah, forgot to mention, I had a new haircut!! What do you think guys?? suit me or not??
 photo IMG_3006_zps6f3871b2.jpg

Lots of people said they love my new hairstyle!! ^^

Until next post later!!

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