February 8, 2013

MEDAN & Wedding Party (2)

8 Feb 2013

Well, lets continue to second post about Medan & My cousins wedding...

Day 2 is my cousin wedding party from girl side.. (yeah, people in Medan like to celebrate Wedding Party
so big, they even make it to 2 party.. :o)

I was excited because I was one of the bridemaids and I also in charge to welcome the guest..
So, that means I'll have to be make over by MUA too.. LOL.. ;p

The MUA is very very great at doing her job.. I love her eye makeup...
Her makeup style suites me well... And she doesnt mind when I want to use my dollywink lashes..
Although she thinks the lashes is too long for me... But I don't care, I want to use that.. LOL..
She finally cut the lashes for me.. and start to apply makeup...


this is the result.....

 photo day2b_zps72611003.jpg

I definitely love my eye makeup! especially my eyebrow!! :D

 photo day2a_zps50294b19.jpg

Okay, I know I looks scary here, but I love how big my eyes look and once again, love the eyebrow..!!

 photo day2c_zpsb8ecef0a.jpg

Here is the normal picture after I dry my hair.. I haven't done my hair, still queue with other cousin who also needs to be makeover..

 photo day2e_zps95f09149.jpg

so happy with the result...
I don't know how to make eyebrow like that... T_____T wish I learn that time... T_T

 photo day2h_zps0f7f47b0.jpg

This is my final look that night... ^^

 photo day2g_zps70a1d03c.jpg

Dress is from Gaudi, its belongs to Corry.. Actually I suppose to wear one of her custom dress that she made, but, my boobs is bigger than them ( yeah, all my cousin have smaller boobs than me =_= how is this possible??) so I can't wear her dress and end up borrowing this one..

I also bring my own dress, but, my own dress looks too boring for Medan Wedding Party la.. hahahaha..
But I love this dress, it makes me confident to wear this kind of dress... :)

 photo day2i_zps4cf97259.jpg

With Fang, one of the bridesmaids too.. Actually there are 4 of us, but, I can't find a pic that include 4 of us...

 photo day2j_zps1cfdd7d4.jpg

Me in my working desk.. LOL.

 photo day2k_zps495a5e5d.jpg

She looks pretty huh? How I wish I have small arm like her.. T_T

 photo day2l_zps4a0915d2.jpg

Wedding party in Medan was different with here in Jakarta... Usually, persons that welcoming the guest is our relative, such like uncle, aunt, our grandpa and grandma.. but in Medan, persons that welcoming the guest is the brides and the grooms itself. Complete with their parents!! :o

Corry dress looks so pretty rite? she made it by herself!

*Proud of her*

 photo day2m_zps53d31c33.jpg

So the guest start to come... I'll have to stop take a pic... :)

 photo day2n_zps8869e83e.jpg

Time for the brides to enter the room.. But Corry & Eddy make a performance to guest first..
Eddy will sing from the stage and keep singing while walking to pick up Corry before she enter the room...

Here is she preparing her dress before enter...

Her dress looks so pretty in the back... I love it so much.. :)

 photo day2o_zpsd59c80a0.jpg

Eddy almost arrive to pick her up.. :)

 photo day2p_zpsf47e4fbe.jpg

Isn't it romantic? ^^

After complete my duty and all the guest already arrived, I also start to sit on my own place...
Its a table party, so we will wait till the food being served to us..

 photo day2q_zpsbb44b86e.jpg

Here's the Menu list.. :)

 photo day2r_zps1d1282c9.jpg

I only manage to snap this two food, because after that I was enjoying the party..
Beside, all the food are quickly gone after waiter put it in the table, so its hard for me to snap some pic..

 photo day2v_zps6aab5fd7.jpg

People in Medan love Karaoke... So, in their wedding party, the performance or the show is none other than  the guest or the brides & family brides singing in the stage... LOL..

But this time my uncle, which is Corry's father invite local artist to sing in their wedding, instead of let people sing in stage.. He said because karaoke takes too much time on party

The Performance :

 photo day2s_zps404fcad8.jpg

He's one of the local artist who sings in their wedding..

 photo day2t_zps7647268f.jpg

Then, Thing Thing & Cia Xi also sings,,, They taking vocal lesson so their singing is improve..
I really amazed with their voice...

 photo day2u_zps3c5eddf1.jpg

Bride & Groom also sings... :)

 photo day2z_zpscfb7699b.jpg

PS : if you sing on the stage, usually the guest will give angpao to appreciate your show..
Here you also will notice that Corry change her dress in blue.. This dress also she make by her own.. :)

 photo day21_zps6a7fcecb.jpg

My uncle go even further by booking International entertainer, Miss Elvin..
Who knows her? (or him?) :D

During show, Thing Thing & I camwhoring.. LOL..

 photo day23_zpsc5c8e3bf.jpg

She looks pretty.. I love her dress.. :)

 photo day25_zps2b6ae26a.jpg

This is her hairstyle..

 photo day22_zpsbd37f5c3.jpg

And me again, with my hairstyle.. LOL.

 photo day24_zps92777a1a.jpg

 photo day26_zpsbb8df99d.jpg

This is my dad... ^^

 photo day29_zpse5f50aca.jpg

..and my Grandpa & Grandma... :)

 photo day27_zps481ece23.jpg

This is our big big family.. I even can't recognize some of them. :o

 photo day28_zpsf481219e.jpg

This is Corry big family, with their sister & brother family.. By themself, already make a big family..

 photo day210_zps4dad96c8.jpg

After party camwhoring.. :) Thing Thing & Me

 photo day211_zps58e27313.jpg

Fang, Thing Thing and Me

 photo day213_zps88005bae.jpg

Thing Thing, Corry, Xiao Yin cie-cie and I.

 photo day212_zps7cdf1b14.jpg

Pose with my best cousin in the world :) :*

 photo day214_zps80c9990b.jpg

This photo of Edy & Corry are snaped by me.. Its really cute right? LOL.

 photo day215_zps9e958476.jpg

and then one last shot of the pretty brides... :) Im proud of you sis.. ^^

I'll continue about Medan post later :)

 photo mysign.jpg

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