February 8, 2013

Happy 24 To Me

8 Feb 13
1.26 AM

Yes... Finally...
I'm turn to 24...

!!!!! 24 already la.. OMG. +_+

Well, actually, I always happy on my birthday.. Who doesn't rite?
But.. since now Im 24 and nearly reach 25, I wish that I could change myself to be more wiser..
I want to be mature and I want to change to be a really better person..

I know that I have lots of negative character..
The most annoying character I have is.. Lazy. LOL.
And I really want to change this.. Because I know, Im better than this..
But, yeah, sometimes Laziness beats me up.. LOL.

Anyway, in last post I was down because too much worried about my future..
Im now 24, I will finish my education soon, so I was expected (by everyone I know) to know what will
I do in the future. Emmm, its quite a preasure to me because, I always have a hard time to go out of my
comfort zone. And to be trying to discover my future, its mean I need to explore a lot of things I never tried.

Yeah, thats a moment of breakdown.. LOL.

But Im fine now, guys.. ^^

Im trying to get a job now, and also try to finish my education, as fast as I can.
I hope God bless me this year.. Give me an awesome year, God.. :)

Never lose hope, Liz, just keep Fighting..
In the end, you will always can pass every obstacle that comes into your life...


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