September 2, 2013

Fraud / Online Scam + Photoshoot Preview

So, I just have time to hop on in front of computer again, and decide to write a blog.. hehehe..

Anyway, before writing, I just finish spending time reading online in many forums and blogs about internet fraud and mostly from their own experience. This is sometimes my concern too because I shop online too, quite a lot. Luckily I rarely got fraud or scam from any of online shopping I ever buy because I usually research and research about the online shop and how the seller reputation. Hehe.
But, I DO ever got scam too. Ck...

Not a pleasant experience, for sure. ~_~

So here's the story..

It begin few years ago when people are going CRAZY with Mulberry Alexa Bag, including me.

So, all my friends in college wearing that bag, and I WANT TO! LOL.

But I want to buy the good quality bag, so I wait until I have the money and found a store that sells quite lower price but good quality. Then, finally, I found one online shop at FB, selling Mulberry Alexa Bag that looks exactly like I want. And the bag is big size.. The prize, even its not cheap also, but compare to other store, it has the lowest price for the bag. Which is IDR Rp.350.000,- for the big size Mulberry Alexa Bag.

So, this seller looks clean and trustworthy with a  massive pic of "real bags" that she sells. So I believe it and I order.

Then....... when my bag finally comes, I shocked. It was a small size!! =_= Not a big size bag I order before. But first, I think maybe I am the one that wrong and doesn't really check the size in the picture so I just let it go. The material is quite good anyway so I quite pleased with the bag.

Then, the next day, I wear the bag, I load some stuff in there such as my wallet, makeup bag, etc. When I wear it, I realize that each side of the bag is not balanced. So I can't closed the right side of the bag because the.... button maybe? not installed correctly. I start to pissed. I contact the seller, she said it was just like what I order and I can't return the item.

So, I just let it go again.. But when I use the bag again, the Mulberry logo fall down. =_= I start to realize, this bag is not in a good quality... I might got a cheap bag compare to what I pay and what I see in the picture from THAT Online shop. Few days later, I go to Mangga Dua (which is like biggest retailer fashion mall in Indonesia, like Platinum Mall in Bangkok) to searching for some fashion stuff.

Then, in one of the bag store there in Mangga Dua, in a box full of bags for sale (for only IDR 100.000,-) lay another bag that looks exactly like my Mulberry I purchased. WTF. The flaw in that bag also just like what I have in my bag : unbalanced bag, Mulberry logo fall down, etc. So its true. Its real. I just got scamed. =_= I was SOOOO ANGRY, the owner dare to sell to me such a cheap and with lots of flaws bag for such a high price. =_= But I can't do anything anymore, and the seller block me from their Facebook. ~_~ *sigh*

Moral of the story learn : never buy a bag from online. =_= huh.
We really must be carefull everytime we want to shop Online. Always trust a shop that your friend already try (recommendation) or try to search about the online shop review from google, okay? :)

Anyway, few weeks ago me and my friends are going for a photoshoot, and I just receive the photo today~!!


I think I quite happy with the final product, so, yeah, I love it... hihihi...

I'll share more of my photo later, meanwhile, you are welcome to see the preview. ;p

What do u guys think? This is one of my favorite pic, thou... :)

Seeya on the next post. :)

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