January 6, 2014

Happy New Year 2014!! A New Beginning!

`~*Happy New Year 2014!!*~`

I hope this year will bring more fortune to me, because I need it!!

and yes, Im guilty for not updating my blog, AGAIN =_=a

but I'll try my best again to update it... hwaaahh.... >_<

So, continuation from the last post, I'll update the result of my photoshoot.. LOL..

 photo 10x151_zpsd5c40735.jpg

 photo 10x154_zpsb4dd7ce3.jpg

 photo 10x153_zps49bf4928.jpg

 photo 20x25_zpsb670fe92.jpg

 photo 10x152_zpsbe901756.jpg

My Favorite pose is this one!! Hwaahh... Love it.. Hahahaha...

What do you guys think?
All my outfit is from my own closet... :x LOL~

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