October 29, 2012


29 Okt 2012
12.37 AM

Hello guyss...
In this past few posts I see a significant increase of my pageviews graphic. I think its because of I register my blog in NuffnangX. :o Its never happen before, really.. Usually my blog been views for 8-10 when I post something new. But now it went to 40-50 views when I have a new post.. LOL.. Awesome!

I just hoping that whenever anyone read my blog, they can feel entertain.. :) So go get your blog register at NuffnangX!


Not in the positive mood at all, because today I miss David so much...

He's away for a job trip to Kalimantan for 2 weeks since 26 Okt.. :(

Actually he ever go to job trips for a few times before. Usually he go for 2 weeks to 1 month trip.. So far so good... But this time, what makes me sad is, he's now in some kind of jungle which don't have any communication signal. I never been not talking to him for more than 2 days.. This is the 2nd day and I already not in a good mood. I don't know what will happen in 2 weeks from now if I still not be able to communicat with him.. T_T

The side effects of this negative mood are it makes me feel much lazier.. I don't have any passion to even finish my Internship Report.. T_T Usually I always talk to him everytime I feel down.. ~_~

I hate myself being with these negative energy!!

So, to let my stress out, I think I better put some post about him again...
Its about David birthday celebration back in March..

Hahahaha.. I know lar, Its been a long time already, why I still post it? LOL..
Actually I want to post it earlier, but I forgot.. ~_~! So sorry...

So here it is...

He's now 26... and 26 is the day he left me this month :( That's why I title this post, 26-26..

Unimportant but still need to be show : How do I look that day.. LOL

I bought him Strawberry Cheesecake from CheeseCakeFactory...
It's his favorite.. He love strawberry & cheese.. and CCF Strawberry Cheese Cake is one of the most delicious cheesecake ever!!

Even I, myself, who didn't like eating cheese cake, love it!

Yummy ritee?? Ok, now Im drolling!

We went there with his mother & sister...
We decide to take our time talking and eat a bit of the cake, while also taking a picture of it.. :)

Above is David with his mother, and Under is with his sister.. By the way, her sister name Lisa too.. It's just that her name has 2 S, so its written as Lissa.

and this is with me.. When my hair is still a little blonde and short.. :)

After that, we went to Plaza Indonesia, just to hang out, and window shopping..and..
snacking frozen yogurt at JCo Ex,

I believe I had the yogurt pic somewhere, but I can't find it.. So here is our vain pic to replace it.. ;p

After tired walking around, we decide to ate dinner at Pepper Lunch...

It's quite good actually, but Im not good at mixing it, so, my rice half burn.. :x but still taste good..  Hahahaha...

Soo... Till here everybody!!
Ohyeah, I forgot...
This is how do I look now..

Have much more longer hair now... :) Dyed hair in dark brown...

Will post again soon... Byebye~~~~

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