October 2, 2012

3th Anniversary...♥

1 Oktober 2012
11.00 PM

It's been 3 years since I've been in a relationship with David. I've never thought that I'll be able to be with a person this long. 

When I look back at my past life... Let's say that I'm not really lucky when it comes to love relationship. I think I'm the type of girl that boys love to be friends with. Not for being a lover. *deepsigh*

All boys that I ever have a crush on, always makes me as his bestfriend. *Friendzoned* They share their love stories.. They tell me who they have crush on, etc. +_+ LOL.

BUT, when there's a boy that actually have a crush on me, I dont like them. I'll stay away from them. Afraid to give a mixed signal to them.. Lol.. So... in that time, Im not really sure, what Love is..

When I was a child.. I love watching "Huan Zhu Ge Ge" (anyone knows?) a taiwanese drama that taught me about Love and Friendship in a naive ways... Little me believe that when you love someone, you must sacrifice willingly. But after I growup.. I learn that life isn't that easy. Life aren't works like movies. The more you sacrifice, the more you got hurt. So.. I start to close my heart for either love and friendship.

Then... With a help of my friends, God makes me realize that, I don't need to be afraid. If you be good to someone, then you'll meet someone that good to you too. I don't need to be worries to get hurt anymore, because I know, in the end, everything will going well. Karma does exist. If you bad to people, then people will bad to you. If you good, they'll be good.

When David and I start our relationship... I think it's going pretty well... I decide to open up to him, show him the real character of myself. I want him to love me for who I am. If he can't take it, I'll still have time to look for a new one. LOL. I let him see how I angry.. How I cried... How I worried.. How I have a bad mood.. How I make a joke.. How I laugh..

I learn a lot from my friends relationship. From my point of view, there's no need to hold on yourself and not showing your "Real". This will just makes a conflict.. There will be someone who feels cheated. It's better to learn about each other from early, so you can decide whether you'll accept it or not and so do your partner.

Just admit it, it's not comfortable if we can't be ourself infront of a person that we love.

Ofcourse, more we open ourself, more difference we found about each other. He's a family guy who love to stay at home all the time. I'm more of myself, who love hanging around anywhere except home. He love to share everything (stuff), Im not. I rather keep everything for myself. :p 

He love to save money, I love to spend money. He doesn't know how to express his feelings, I'm over express.. He sometimes too stingy, I doesn't care how much I spend as long as it's for myself. ;p 

He's very close to his family... I'm just so-so. So, all of this differences make us fight A LOT. There's a couple time that we almost...done. But, he's extremely patient.. Even after I become so egoistic, he still wants to be with me. He said he knows my bad, but also he knows my goodness. So it doesn't matter. He believe that I'll change someday. (NEVAAA!!) LoL. But I appreciate it. 

I do learn a lot from him.. I learn how to be more patient, how to compromize, how to
share with other people.. and how to accept that we can't always have what we want..  From me, I do believe he learn my sense of humour. ;p

Strangely, I don't have any feelings for him at first.. Even after we were together in a relationship, for a couple months, I still feel nothing. But after know each other better, time after time, I start to fall in love with him and its just getting bigger from time to time...

For this 3th years, I just hope and pray that both of us could be more mature, learn how to compromize with each other, and just keep loving each other from time to time.. 

For the long last relationship.. ^^

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