January 7, 2014

2013 Memorable moments!

2013 Most Memorable Moments for me is :

1. Start to work with my thesis or final assignment!!

2. Get my first office job!
3. Going to Bangkok for shopping trip with my BFF! (never be able to blog it out, because, well, you know.. Im a lazy blogger -__-" but I'll blog about it soon! LOL)

4. Finish my final assignment.

5. Pass my final court & officially graduate! (BEST FEELING EVER!!)

6. My graduation ceremony.

7. Going to Bandung for a short trip to celebrate my graduation with besties! (again, never blog about it.. Hahahaha.. Will catching up with it soon!)

8. My first time ever watching a concert!! (Girl's Generation World Tour in Indonesia)
9. Have to resign from my first office job.
10. Join a new and a really different job compare to my last office job. Got to know a lot new people too! (More story later).

And, that's it, my awesome 2013 moments.

I really have such a lovely, new and incredible experience on my 2013. Many things I never even think I'll be able to experience it. But I love how 2013 give me so many new opportunities!

Of course, there is some of sad and down moments for me.. Like, how me and my boyfriend almost stop seeing each other.. It's happen when Im busy preparing for my final assignment, and he's away for more than one and a half months. Its not only because for LDR, but there's some issue too. But thankfully, we could be back again and I think we're now more understand about each other.

Think back again, I really feel blessed with so many great (good or bad) moments for 2013 coz it help me growing and learn sooooooooo many things. I treasure it. :) I hope 2014 will makes me a more better person! I'll try harder for sure. :)

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